Promote your brand, fundraiser, advertisement, campaign, or just create something cool to look at.

So what type of silicone wristband is right for you? We offer several types of customizable silicone bands, each offering their own unique look. Silicone wristbands come in adult (8 inches long), Youth (7 inches long) or child sizing (6 inches long), and both measure ½ inches wide.

Debossed & Imprinted –Your custom artwork and text is pressed into the surface of the wristband, giving it a sunken-in look. This method does not utilize any ink and the text is the same color as the wristband. Debossing gives wristbands a tactile feel that some wearers enjoy.

Embossed – Text rises above the surface of the wristband so that letters feel like bumps. Like plain debossed silicone wristbands, they do not include ink printing and the text is the same color as the band.

Printed – Simple and bold, your logo or message is printed in ink on the wristband’s surface. The text is neither embossed nor debossed, but the advantage is that silkscreen makes the content highly visible. If you desire maximum exposure, silkscreen wristbands are a good choice.

Embossed – This 3D custom silicone wristband packs a punch. Your custom artwork jumps off the wristband’s surface and then color is silkscreened on top. If you have a design that you want to pop, silkscreen embossed wristbands can help make it more visible.

Color-fill/ Ink Injected Debossed – One of our most popular styles of custom silicone wristbands.  The ultimate, high-impact custom silicone wristband. Your custom artwork is debossed so it is impressed beneath the wristband surface, and then ink-injected to add color. The end result is a highly visible and very tactile rubber bracelet that will attract plenty of attention.

Note: 1/2 inch Wristbands are most popular and priced as marked below. However, you can request for different sizes as per requested for pack pricing (for ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch wristbands)

100% Medical Grade Silicone- Latex Free

Adult Size: 
8″ — 202mm – Used mostly for adults.

Youth Size: 
7″ — 180mm – Used mostly for women or teenagers.

Kids Size: 
6″ — 150mm – Used mostly for young children.

Minimum Order:
100 wristbands or more per color

Color Printing:
Text and logos will be printed in the same single color

Custom Plate Charge:
$65 plate charge for each logo/artwork

Lead Time:
Ships in 14-16 business days after artwork approval

Choose Your Wristbands Style & Sizes

Debossed & Imprinted 

Engraved Lettering

Adult/Youth/ Child (100/PK)



Raised Lettering

Adult/Youth/ Child (100/PK)



Silk Screen Printed

Adult/Youth/ Child (100/PK)


Embossed Printed

Raised Lettering with Color

Adult/Youth/ Child (100/PK)


Color-fill / Ink Injected Debossed


Adult/Youth/ Child (100/PK)